61 fiberartists, all members of the International Freeform Artist’s Guild were given a unique challenge. Each artist selected one yarn and sent 61 five-yard skeins of that yarn to a central location.  In return each artist received 61 different skeins from fellow artists all over the world. There was no coordination of color, texture, or any other artistic components.  The Challenge was to create their own interpretation of fiber art using only those yarns. Artists include members from Australia, Canada, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, UK, US, Wales and Yemen. The actual scrumbles will travel to several exhibitions throughout 2006. More info will be added to this site regarding the show dates as they are scheduled.

The message of the show is very simple.   It represents the common threads that run throughout our global community, a fundamental basis for understanding,  while the artists express their different gifts and unique cultures with examples of distinctive, original designs.

The International Freeform Artist’s Guild is an online group of over 750 members who have a very active online mailing list and started out to promote and educate those interested in Freeform Crochet. It has now expanded to include all other forms of freeform fiber art as well.

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60+ Fiber Artists start with the same skeins of yarn


Online Exhibition Coming Soon!

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